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    Door Maintenance

    Maintain Your Garage Door
    The condition and style of your garage door adds or takes away from the appearance of your entire house or building. A worn or poorly operating door can age the entire structure. More importantly, a garage door that doesn’t work correctly makes your premises less safe and less secure.

    Some use their garage door as their primary entrance, opening and closing it multiple times each day. Others only use theirs occasionally. While each garage door has an average lifespan, how it is used also makes a difference in how long it will last. Getting regular maintenance and having repairs made when needed can help prolong the life of the door.
    Garage doors typically weigh between 100 and 150 kgs, and they have lots of moving parts. Garage door repairs and replacement of worn parts can save you a lot of money in comparison to replacing the entire door. But you should never attempt to make these repairs yourself.

    Some of the most common garage door repairs are the replacement of broken springs and cables. These springs have a lot of tension. If they break while anyone is around, they pose a serious danger of causing an injury.
    It’s also best for your garage door to call a garage door repair experts. Putting the wrong parts on the door or installing them incorrectly can cause accelerated wear. Regardless of what is broken, working on a garage door is never safe. Whether you need prompt or emergency garage door repairs, maintenance on an existing garage door, or professional installation of a new garage door, call the experts at Tower Garage Doors. We have the experience and skills to provide any garage door solution.
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